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Timetable for 2001-2002 Year 3 Semester 2
MEng Software Engineering  
09:00-12:00 MB/F47 CT314 Emerging Technologies in Information Management
Liping Zhao
13:00-16:00 R/D7 CT346 Machine Learning
Gerard Conroy
09:00-11:00 R/C16 CT204 Human Computer Interaction
Leon Watts
13:00-16:00 R/F14 CT316 OO Specification, Design and Implementation
Christopher Harrison
15:00-16:00 R/C16 CT218 Professional Issues
Mauricette Scheurer
14:00-17:00 MB/C53 CT351 Speech and Language Processing
Gareth Evans

UMIST Semester Dates

Where a timetable entry shows PRACTICAL or TUTORIAL, the event may be subject to further scheduling by the module leader, i.e. not all students attend all practicals or tutorials shown. Further information will be given in the appropriate lecture.

Details of each course, its assessment procedure and contact details for module leaders can be found in the module catalogue for Computation students and service teaching handbook for all other students.

This timetable is issued for students studying the course shown at the top of this page. Queries concerning this timetable should be addressed to the Department Reception (MSS/F2) or the Undergraduate office (MSS/F3) or Postgraduate office (MSS/F16) as appropriate.

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