About spoon.pkl.net

pkl.net his hosted by the machine 'spoon.pkl.net', which is temporarily being hosted on a stand-in machine. It's currently a Dual Athlon XP 2000 with 1G RAM and 60G HDD, hosted in MI, US.

When the real server comes back online, it's a Celeron 600 with 640M RAM and 180G HDD space (120G+40G+20G), probably running linux. Currently housed in a 2U rackmount case.

It started out with 128M RAM and 40G HDD, which soon became 256M/40G, then 256M/80G, then 640M/80G and most recentmy 640M/180G. Originally, it was co-located with e-promotions.co.uk But following a re-shuffle with their offices, hosting there was no-longer available for spoon, so services were transfered to a temporary box in MI, US, which is currently handling everything spoon handled. The eventual plan is to get the real spoon over there.

Spoon is admined by Matt and rik. Spoon provides web, e-mail and dns services for a number of domains as well as providing users with shell accounts, e-mail services, webmail, etc. It also hosts IRC servers for UnixNet and LetsBounce.Net

On behalf of both ourselves and the users of spoon, we'd like to thank Dan and Jonpaul Sargant at E-Promotions for all their help and hard work in the past, and Andy for providing (and hosting) the new standing spoon.

Spoon runs various servers, and hosts several personal websites. A small selection of the personal websites hosted can be found on the pages page..

As for the name, 'spoon' came about as a compromise in naming schemes (it's both 5 letters long and a kitchen thing) between the two original admins, Matt and Chris. Matt calls all his machines after items you may find in your kitchen, someday a list might appear.