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Beyond Industrial Capitalism and Nation States

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These freesites contain explicit truth and new ideas.
Their content could turn you from an obedient subject to a rabid secessionist.
You might become a new tribalist and a Leaver-Giver.
You could help save the world.

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"Our minds connect us to the world around us, just as they seem to do. This connection, through our sense organs, links us directly to what we perceive.

What you see is an image inside your mind. But it is not inside your brain. Your brain is within the confines of your cranium. Your mind is extended in space, and stretches out into the world around you. It reaches out to touch what you see.

If you look at a mountain ten miles away, your mind is stretching out ten miles. If you look at a distant star, your mind is extending over literally astronomical distances."

... Rupert Sheldrake

It's all in 2nd Renaissance: ancient knowledge and cosmology; new science and technology; abundance replacing scarcity; the end of capitalism and the rise of neo-traibalism; secessions made practical; new city states; the abandonment of federalism and totalitarianism; new talent collectives; the rise of individual sovereignty; 'free' energy; the unimportance of oil; emptying the prisons; curing drug addictions; the end of the death penalty; the new spirituality; hope for us all!

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Check out THE ANIMALS REGRET site, on the sidebar, to learn how animals can help to raise human consciousness. And how, in that process, the animals can also save themselves from our cruel exploitation of their kind. A WIN WIN situation if ever there was one!

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